Lydia Rubio

536 Columbia Street, Hudson

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Artist Statement

My work endorses the enticing quality of limitless change, which, for me, is liberating. I strive to develop my paintings by resisting the formulaic. Instead, I embrace free association that utilizes play within the creative act. Many works mix abstraction and detailed representation.

Nature has been the main protagonist in my work, used as a metaphor for political, ecological, or personal commentary. In the series Notes of the Sky, nature weaves narratives about a place or time. 

The pandemic isolation led me back to a subject I had developed in the 90’s, a series of still life or silent lives, that mix fruits and objects with geometric shapes, some quoting works of Malevich, Frankenthaler, Af Klimt, every object in them sharing the intimate space.

 I desire the viewer’s experience to be that of a certain refuge, silence, and self-reflection. I feel they are much needed in today’s world.

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