Linda Mussmann

434 Columbia St, Hudson, NY

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Artist Statement

Linda Mussmann (born April 20, 1947) is an American avant-garde playwright, visual artist, a multimedia set and lighting designer, and an activist whose multi-disciplinary work has addressed problems of representation and language using elements of theater, movement and music. Mussmann is the founder of Time Space Limited Theater Inc., a theater company and performance space.

Mussmann directed and adapted over 30 classic plays. Since 1978, Mussmann has been writing her own performance works and adapted from literature for theater and radio. Mussmann currently lives in Hudson, NY. She is the co-director of Time and Space Limited, (TSL) with Claudia Bruce, her wife and lifelong collaborator. Since 2017, Mussmann holds an elected position as the Fourth Ward Supervisor for Columbia County, NY.

Mussmann is influenced by the likes of Duchamp, Gertrud Stein, Merce Cunningham, John Cage, and Jasper Johns.

She is the founder and operator of the multi arts not-for-profit organization TSL, which originally began in 1970s New York City as an experimental theater company. TSL recently celebrated its 31st year of operation in Hudson, changing over time yet tied together with the threads of chaos and impermanence.

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