Karen Davis

The Flow Chart  Foundation— 348 Warren St, Hudson

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Artist Statement

It’s Complicated Hudson NY, beyond its position as a tourist magnet is a diverse town by most social and economic indicators and it deserves a portrait as challenging as it is. I have lived in Hudson for over thirteen years. Since my first day in town, image by image, I have been building a personal photographic portrait of the city.

“Hudson: It’s Complicated” is a series of montages created from photographs of Hudson that I made during the pandemic. Walking its streets and alleys, I photographed domestic buildings, commercial buildings, garages, carriage houses, front, side, and back yards, storefronts, parks, and objects I’d find laying around.

Each montage is composed of three photographs: a large image over two smaller images. Much as I experience Hudson, I set out to create unity and division within each piece. The viewer encounters the montage as a single image first. A few seconds more, and the montage breaks into its three component parts–offering a broader or more complicated view. And that is the point.

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