Holly Knox Rhame

547 Union Street Hudson, NY

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Artist Statement

My practice is the proliferation of fractures across multiple registers that signal the desire for continuity. I use the Deleuzian concept of the Fold to depict the shape of both inner and outer reality. Finding the through-line between figure and environment through the production of fractures reveals a continuity that is obscured in our everyday lives. Being able to act from and with the acknowledgement of this continuity allows for an authorship based in recognition.

The figures are engaged in the act of touch which is rendered in gold to signal the fact that through touch we are able to recompose the founding Folds of our worlds. The central importance of touch recognizes an Other as essential in the pursuit of these new expressions. This ties the act of fracture to the production of life and eros, elucidating a larger strategy in which our drives are re-woven in service of this production. These drives are represented as a weave composing some Folds of the figures and of the environment.I composed the Folds and then broke their continuity by rearranging the paper, another fracture. I rendered the couple over a broken environment with the desire that the viewer will fracture the figures in order to discover the continuity of the Folds in Kiss 1 (2023). My hope is that, by rearranging the piece internally, the viewer can take away this process of discovery and utilize it in their everyday life.

In Cipher 1 – 3 (2023) the viewer must now complete the image within themselves to discover the couple continuous with their environment in the act of touch. The assemblage of the couple is the answer to the discontinuous and touch remains the possibility of new worlds between art and viewer and between lovers.

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