Hilary Jane Gluck

823 Columbia Street, apt 1, Hudson, NY

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Artiist Statement

My artistic exploration delves into the juncture between playful creation & the scientific intricacies of alternative photo processing, mainly focusing on cyanotype printing, used on/in a non traditional application.  Through deliberate manipulation, or lack there of, I navigate the interplay of control & spontaneity, granting the materials an avenue to reveal their distinctive personalities.  Manifesting on clothing, home textiles, paper, canvas & wood reveals the differing behavior of each surface, infusing the process with an added layer of fascination.  Each substrate, every hue & even the slightest addition of tape wields the power to transform the final outcome.  Within the convergence of considered manipulation & non traditional printing methods, I am able to express & bring viewers into the world that exists in my mind – a disco bloodbath of glittering terror & horrific glamour.  (I derive my inspiration from cultural imagery depicted in horror films, 90’s Supermodels, Cher, Studio 54, Disco Balls & the old Punk Rock scene)  The orchestration of the variables lends an element of unpredictability to my process, yielding compositions that affirm the notion that artistry is an ever evolving dialogue between intention & chance.