David Schmidlapp

433 Warren Street #9, Hudson, NY

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Artist Statement

I have been a photographer, a photo-based artist for 5 decades. Photography has been the binding thread for all my artistic endeavors, which has included photomontage, projection, installation, filmmaking, publishing, and performance. 

Another trying year. 2023. From spring into summer I was co – curating my art in crime partner and legendary HipHop artist Phase2 RIP exhibition and events at the ACA galleries in NYC. I will be closing the year by the inclusion in the Brooklyn Museum ‘s giant zine exhibition with a special projection installation of the one and only Aerosol Art Armada. 

Meanwhile moved into a new live-in studio on Warren Street where I’m still balancing my archives with brave new digital work . 

Stop by and visit, vintage and NEW digital prints, collages and assemblages, my artist’s books and back issues of IGTimes – the original, international street art publication. 

[email protected]