David Schmidlapp

Henry Hudson Studios, 726 Union Street

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Artist Statement

I am always working on a new photo project or returning to a past one that will hardly be finished. Some of my themes for our trying year of 2022 – #flagmemories #killing4peace #analogvibes #endlesssummer #vaccantlots #floatingprison #backsideblossoms

I have been a photographer and, more or less, a photo-based artist for 5 decades. Photography has been the binding thread for all my artistic endeavors, which has included photomontage, projection, installation, filmmaking, publishing, and performance.

Stop by and visit my 35mm color slides and negative archive, vintage and new digital prints, collages and assemblages, my artist’s books and back issues of IGTimes – the original, international street art publication.

Special attraction – a continuous, analog slide show with a little digital ambiences

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