Corinne Robbins

201 Route 9J, Hudson, NY

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Artist Statement

My paintings are composed of dreamy expansions depicting outer space. They are rich utopian versions of our solar system and beyond; events of ever moving cosmic parts; stars that expand and collapse; and on occasion, distorted planets in the shape of rugby balls (which is a real thing according to the McDonald Observatory in Texas). I follow the phases of the moon, when planets line up, and when asteroids fly close to earth. I’m obsessed with space events because they enhance my imagination and act as an escape. In addition, I often add as subject matter, an element from my everyday life living in upstate New York. For example, I often incorporate the branches of the Ash trees because they are being decimated by the invasive Emerald borer here in the Northeast, and I fear they will become extinct. In homage to the tree they float in space. I place the viewer among the stars and planets eliminating a horizon line. I want to share my ‘taking flight’ with the viewer by looking back at our planet as a respite. I work in oil on canvas and use palette knives to create a hyper rich texture of deep color. The tradition of the flat surface and four edges gives me structure so that I can concentrate on my process, thoughts and vision.

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