Christopher Griffith

350 Fairview Ave, Hudson NY

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Artist Statement

Christopher Griffith employs a practice of acute visual simplicity. His work is characterized by vivid constructs of graphic minimalism defined by the communication of ideas in a most reduced form. The ongoing series FOURPLAY of abstract paintings are grounded in vocalizations rooted in historical and personal interpretation of words
Griffith created a highly redacted font that facilitates the merging of positive and negative spaces into what initially appear to be mere geometric shapes. The eventual visualization of the quadrant design reveal that each piece is actually a construct containing a single 4 letter word. The paintings use a multitude of impasto techniques that emphasize geometric forms to intentionally further veil a paintings hidden identity.
Words reference concepts in politics, humor, pop culture, sex and the irreverent.
Part Pop, part abstraction, part commentary. Onions to be peeled.