Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda

428 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

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Artist Statement

My series Light Beings” depicts various drawings of heads and faces that emit or absorb light. Influenced by my interests in Self-Care, intimacy, and the use of the rainbow as a symbol of inner light and connection, these light beings are shapeshifters in a continuous state of transformation. Sometimes, they become familiar faces; other times, they are born out of an impression; they develop into a specter or a reflection of ourselves or who we could be. Many drawings combine faces created through imagination and memory; some are inspired by Greek, Egyptian, and Roman classical sculptural heads, and others, I have literally printed my face on the page. As I work on each drawing, I continuously think of light beams, glows, shadows, sparks, wind, fog, movement, and stillness and how all these different factors affect each portrait and their ability to convey this light to the viewer.

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