Beverly Peterson

346 Middle Road, Hudson NY

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Artist Statement

My career has taken many forms, from intimate documentary video diaries to augmented and virtual reality. Yet, always at the core has been the embrace of that magical space where tech and art merge in the pursuit of new forms of storytelling.

Self-Storage, my current work-in-progress, keeps growing and evolving and currently takes over much of the large barn my studio is located in. It will no doubt grow some more after I finish writing this. It’s constructed of large and small piles of moving boxes – like those I’ve dragged around through each life I’ve lived. And, little houses made of cardboard and tin. 3D Video Projection splashes all these surfaces with the memories and experiences tucked away within the objects held inside. The first chapter of this installation features my husband’s boxes (painter Farrell Brickhouse) and our life together in Montauk, Tribeca, Staten Island and Upstate New York.

It’s such an exciting moment to have found a project that brings together all the skills and stories I’ve gathered over the years.

(3D Video projection with AI animation, and video shot on various formats over many years)

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