Arlene Santana Thornton

603 Warren Street, Hudson

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Artist Statement

I grew up within sight of the Hudson River, and for most of my life have lived on or near it. To me the river is a living body, constantly moving and changing, but always there. I have felt its presence all my life.

As a painter in love with the natural world, I find that the river, and the landscape around it, constantly appears in my work.

It is the essence of it that I am after, so the marks I make are about the light, movement, forms, or color that I have observed and felt, or what I imagine to be hidden beneath it all.

Some of the works are inspired by childhood memories of crossing the river on bridges at night, and the profound mystery and power that held for me as a child. I hope to convey my emotional response, and the beauty and fragility of this unique part of the world to the viewer through my work.

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